5e Forgotten Realms Adventures

Baulder's Gate

  1. Session Notes
    Sat 2/15/17 @ GoKart
    Year 1489

Mission: Meet Human trader Ackyn Seloban in B.G., outer city, Blackgate district. may help get connected as caravan guards or adventurers. Drop Ontharr’s name.

  1. In Baulder’s Gate
  • Expect 2–10 days’ wait for cult to travel through.
  • Blackgate district is in the Outer City North of the city wall. The northern outer city
  • Ander Procured free stabling and board in garrison
  • Talk to Grangarr in Blackgate
  • Toured through the (rather misnamed) Hall of Wonders
  1. Blackgate district
  • Ackyn Seloban. Sells materials of long-distance fright hauling, repairs wagons,
  • Join either the cultists caravan, one of the other caravans
  • Can put in a word for us as guards
  • reputation is important to these groups
  • what will the cult look like? kobolds and dragon kin would not e allowed in the city.
  • The wealthy roll by in palaquins
  1. Cultists Arrive
  • We recognize cultists supporting one of them
  • Follow them through the North Gate
  • They talk to Ackyn about hiring 5 wagons to Waterdeep
  • They also need to get some guards
  1. Job as Guards
  • Achreny Ulyeltin Human merchant, smelly, vulgar, no manners
  • 2 wagons, furs and uncured hides
  • 1 bodyguard (10g/tenday), 4 basic guards (5g/tenday)
  • wagon driver and 2 laborers
  • silk merchant
  • 1 wagon silks
  1. Caravan Leaving
  • Six other wagons for merchants, one group moving
  • travelers on horses, some walking, some on wagons
  • Most going to Waterdeep. 170 miles
  • 15 miles/day ~2 months
  • Cultists sticking to themselves, don’t mingle, or do rarely



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