5e Forgotten Realms Adventures


2/18/17 (GKL)

Session Notes

Sat 2/18/17 @ GoKart

At Elturiel

  • Big warding light atop the city, keeps undead at bay
  • Capital of this area
  • At tavern: Pair of Black Antlers. large tavern, very busy
  • This is the HQ for The Order of the Guantlet
  • Ontharr is not present.
  • Met up with Liosen and a few other Monks
    – Looking healthy
  • Told him the cultist army moved, heading west, toward Candle Keep and Baulder’s Gate.
  • Must be going north to the Tradeway (up the west coast), could not attack Baulder’s Gate at present strength.
  • Liosen tells us more about Ontharr and OotG and general
  • Spread Greenist raid exploits, Ontharr will respect us more

Spreading Tales

  • Ander arm wrestles and does man-stuff
  • Tavok talks news with some dwarves in the tavern
  • Doran observes symbols fashioned into pins on members: Gauntlet grasping a sword by the blade as well as those of Torm
  • tries to talk up the bartender, fails but talks a lot about beers
  • Olden, local brewer
  • Red, berry ale, not sweet in scornabel. Red Scorn
  • Then went on stage and told the (mostly, partly true) story of how I won my gem
  • This succeeded while Ander and Tavok were talking with their tables

Next Morning

  • Doran and Ander explore the local shops and crafts
  • Ander discovers his dog in an alley, starved and filthy
  • Axe the Dog (Mastiff). collar, armor beat up and gross
  • Gets cleaned up at a vet? some game keeper

Back at tavern

  • Private space off the common room
  • Liosen and Ontharr are there
  • many pitchers of red wine
  • Ontharr speaks. we fill him in on the details
  • Asks us to follow the cult to find out their plans and where their loot is going
  • Asks us to join OotG or Harpers
  • Ander joins OotG
  • Tovak joins neither
  • Doran joins Harpers

Mission: Meet Human trader Aken Solovan in B.G., outer city, Blackgate district. may help get connected as caravan guards or adventurers. Drop Ontharr’s name.

2 Day’s Wait for Armor

  • Get new clothes, hair, outfits to appear different to the cult.
  • Mounts come with on the boat (after serious negotiation)
  1. Uneventful ship travel
  • Arrive at B.G.

Baldur’s Gate

  • Expect 2–10 days’ wait for cult to travel through.

Ontharr Frume

  • Human, Paladin of Torm
  • Leader of the Order of the Guantlet (OotG)
  • Based in El Turiel
  • Broad shouldered
  • Jovial, rough-housing, loves pranks, good drink, go get’em type

Order of the Gauntlet (OotG)

  • Emphasizes faith, vigilance, and fighting threats of evil.
  • Disciplined
  • Hierarchical
  • Mainly paladins and clerics

Cult of the Dragon

  • Army of humans, kobolds, mercenaries
  • Unknown end-game
  • Supported by a Blue Dragon
  • Organized into cells, spread out geographically
  • Breading dragons
  • Feed captives to drakes

Cult NPCs

  • Rezmere – Black Dragonborn (half-dragon), led that cell
  • Sinrath – Blue Dragonborn (half-dragon) (dead)
  • Mondath – Female human mage, right hand of Sinrath (dead)
  • Actual Blue Dragon


  • Order of folks
  • Liosen belongs to this group*
  • More secretive than OotG
  • Loosely organized, agents have wide freedom to act
  • Dedicated to equality and justice, keeping power out of the hands who don’t deserve it.



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