5e Forgotten Realms Adventures

Session notes 4/22/2017
Traveling to Waterdeep
  1. Session Notes
    Sat 4/22/17 @ GoKart
    Year 1489

Mission: Discover the cultists plans?

  1. Traveling to Waterdeep
    - 3 cultist wagons, filled with crates
    - We believe it to be the stolen goods
    - Area called Fields of the Dead
    - Freight wagon stranded, fight is in progress
    - Animals are Dead
    - 7 hobgoblin creatures, whom we destroy
    - take 1 captive
    - play pranks on cultists
  1. Gnome
    - huh?
  1. Our Employer
    Achreny Ulyeltin Human merchant, smelly, vulgar, no manners
  • 2 wagons, furs and uncured hides
  • 1 bodyguard (10g/tenday), 4 basic guards (5g/tenday)
  • wagon driver and 2 laborers
  • Doesn’t like the bird merchant
    1. Scouting
      - Doran goes out in a small circle around the camp one night
      - Finds nothing of note
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