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We are a couple friends that have been playing an RPG (Rifts, World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, Earthdawn and others) for the last 7+ years (since September 2009). We have had some other players, but currently just our core group. We game somewhere in the Twin Cities and are currently playing through some of the published 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

The Adventure So Far

A group of adventurers seeking fame and glory has stumbled upon a cult that is planning something that is looking to be much larger in scale that previously thought. They enlist to help a couple of factions that have banded together to help discover what these cultists are up to and possible stop an evil plot before it gets too big to contain.

At this moment they are on a ship that is just now docking at Baldur’s Gate. They are planning to get themselves hired onto a caravan heading north in order to find out where the caravan of stolen goods is headed.

Shouldn’t be a problem…

Party Members

  • Ander Stormwid
    Was a solider in Waterdeep before he left the city after a series of unfortunate events. He has some new friends and is really trying to make his new way in the world. Also found his dog. Like really far from Waterdeep which is strange, but probably nothing too weird.
  • Travok Hammerfist
    A dwarf from the northern frozen regions. He rides around on his battle ram, drinking ale, fighting the good fight and doing what he can to protect his new friends and keep them out of trouble.
  • Doran Cloudwater
    A halfling in search of treasures from previous ages in ruins and the answer to what his shiny bauble is. I mean, it’s a really cool shiny thing and he’s just gotta know what it does. Never would have thought it….<static>

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